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Crossroads…Left or Right?

Published June 28, 2015 by emilieaallen2

This needs repeating as I am at those crossroads again! 21 years later.


Have you ever wonder if you took a different path in life how different things would be?  You know, the storybooks of selecting your own ending?  Well, suppose you could do that in real life. Oh, you  already chose your path…but what if it is the wrong path, wouldn’t you want to change it if you could?

I had a fork in my road one year and I chose the tine that gave me this future as I know it, today.  If I had chose the other tine, going left instead of right, would the outcome be better or worse than my today?  Let us suppose it would have be a zillions times worse. What would that look like?

Well, definitely there would have been a different husband or none at all…Let’s go with none for now.  Mr. Right usually is Mr. Wrong.  Being single, raising five teens, or near…

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Running In Circles

Published June 28, 2015 by emilieaallen2

Jumping off this merry-go-round. Not so merry.


I am told to walk the straight and narrow, yet I find myself running in circles. The circle encompasses a wide circumference touching many influences along the way.  The running is exhilarating.  It is a lot of fun to go fast and faster, even though I don’t know what lays before me on the track of LIFE. The jumping of hurdles; the avoidance of rocks; using caution on the slippery slope; watching for the potholes are the many hazards on this trek.

How does one enter this dangerous circle?  Do friends pull me into their hectic life and say “Jump on board! It is great running in circles”?  Do they have to coax me to join in their fun?  Do I see they are having fun and I am not?  Is it really fun or just pure craziness?

What is the enticement?  Not wanting to be left out; wanting to…

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Heading West!

Published June 23, 2015 by emilieaallen2

Can going West mean anything more than seeking a new adventure and leaving the past behind, just as the Oregon Trail folks did in the 1800’s?  What did they take with them as they deemed a necessity?  Clothes, good shoes, maybe even two if they had such a blessing. Probably a warm coat, and one or two coveralls, underclothing was limited as the women had to wash laundry daily and hang it on the back side of the wagon as it whipped in the breeze;  or camped a few days to get the laundry done before pulling out before dawn.  They were more concerned about their food supply then what they had to wear.  Hunger can rip at the depths of your core more so than being cold.

Going West meant new terrain, mountains to climb and valleys to settle in to call it a new home if one chose to stop and stay abit; as some did not get the choice to see the Pacific Ocean.  But they still went west, all the same.  Stopping in the Rocky Mountains for a winter, would be a better choice than climbing those mountains even if it was spring time.  But,as one moved further west, more opportunities faces the young man with a new wife, trusting he would be the man he set out to be.

Moving away from the prairies of Oklahoma, or Minnesota, one would be challenged to accept the new adventure that layed before him. He would prepare his mind to seek adequate work to provide for his families needs; he would supply spiritual growth as he deem necessary.  He would plant food for the winter and store up the abundance for spring.  He would build his home with a solid foundation and teach his children to work hard as he learned from his father in the home land.  He never forgot his strong beliefs and upbringing to have integrity and fairness in all his dealings.  His harvest was proof of his hard work and his family was the pride of his joy as he saw he was a good teacher.

Life is good! As his next generation carrys on to make a better earth we call home, he can revel in a job well done.

Moving West; new adventures lay before everyone of us as we make changes in our lives to seek a better life not just a living.  Oregon, here I come.

Lady in the PINK!

Published April 20, 2015 by emilieaallen2

When someone says they feel Blue, they may really mean they are feeling quite ill.

When someone says they are on Top of the World.  You know they are having a glorious day.

When someone says they really don’t feel like their usual self…you wonder who they feel like…someone else?

Have you heard they feel down in the dumps?  Wonder who put them there?  Could be the man feeling Blue.

It is amazing how one feels can rub off on someone else and make them feel NOT up to Par.  What is Par anyway for them may not be Par for you. Any Golfers?

Beware how you make others feel for they may be on top of the world and your attitude may have popped their bubble and deflated all their joy.

How would you respond if someone said they said they were in the PINK?  Rejoicing and joining in with the joy of being in the Pink.

Have a very Pinkish day and watch out for all those who want to be Blue!