Crossroads…Left or Right?

Published June 28, 2015 by emilieaallen2

This needs repeating as I am at those crossroads again! 21 years later.


Have you ever wonder if you took a different path in life how different things would be?  You know, the storybooks of selecting your own ending?  Well, suppose you could do that in real life. Oh, you  already chose your path…but what if it is the wrong path, wouldn’t you want to change it if you could?

I had a fork in my road one year and I chose the tine that gave me this future as I know it, today.  If I had chose the other tine, going left instead of right, would the outcome be better or worse than my today?  Let us suppose it would have be a zillions times worse. What would that look like?

Well, definitely there would have been a different husband or none at all…Let’s go with none for now.  Mr. Right usually is Mr. Wrong.  Being single, raising five teens, or near…

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