Lady in the PINK!

Published April 20, 2015 by emilieaallen2

When someone says they feel Blue, they may really mean they are feeling quite ill.

When someone says they are on Top of the World.  You know they are having a glorious day.

When someone says they really don’t feel like their usual self…you wonder who they feel like…someone else?

Have you heard they feel down in the dumps?  Wonder who put them there?  Could be the man feeling Blue.

It is amazing how one feels can rub off on someone else and make them feel NOT up to Par.  What is Par anyway for them may not be Par for you. Any Golfers?

Beware how you make others feel for they may be on top of the world and your attitude may have popped their bubble and deflated all their joy.

How would you respond if someone said they said they were in the PINK?  Rejoicing and joining in with the joy of being in the Pink.

Have a very Pinkish day and watch out for all those who want to be Blue!


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